„It all starts with the traveling, a totalizing experience, I accumulate images that end up in the bin that’s in my head. And from there, all of a sudden, I take out something.” 

She is widely recognized as one of the most influential interior and product designers of our age. Traveling for Paola Navone means broadening one’s horizons, collecting colors, scents, shapes, tastes, and turning them into cultural and space-time contaminations. Based on the several influences she has developed her own unique and unconventional style that cannot be mixed up with any other. During her career she was acting as architect, designer, art director, interior designer, critic, teacher and organizer of exhibitions and events.

Products: Poliform: Big Bed bed, Airport sofa, Basso side table; Flaminia: Doppio Zero basin 

Significant awards:

1983 | Osaka International Design Award;
2012 | Elle Decor International Design Award;
2000 | Designer of the Year, Architektur & Wohnen