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Square Bench stems from the idea of shaping heat with the addition of comfort through a bench on which to relax. The plug & play Square Bench is the perfect example of a fully functional product, which is easy to move and carry, and that can be placed anywhere, from a bedroom to a private apartment, or even a Spa, thanks to the electric power supply and its self-supporting structure.


The interior of the bench is made of aluminium, coated with steel. The heat is diffused through a special profile made specifically and solely for the Square line.


Square Bench is an item of interior décor with a very simple shape, yet with the considerable ability to distinguish its surroundings. It constitutes a form of heat borrowed once again from the world of art. It is not only an item of furniture, and it is not only a functional feature, but instead it merges both together in a combined whole.


Square Bench is a form with its warmth once again borrowed from the world of art. Is not just a furniture item and it is not just a functional element, but both combined in one total design. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba