GESSI Cono – to blend nature with architecture

GESSI aims to fulfill the desire to blend nature with architecture in people’s private habitats, envisioning the bathroom not only as a place for regeneration, but also as a truly natural shelter.

“Gessi the private wellness company”
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In order to achieve a design that could shape the fusion between architecture and landscape, GESSI conducted a research in Southern Asia, where by ancient culture, nature enters gracefully into the house and the living space expands in uninterrupted continuity towards the outside.

In this area craftsmanship and design produce a remarkable distillation of traditional shapes and natural materials into extraordinary fine contemporary furnishings.

Private wellness system with wall or ceiling mounted showerhead
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During a journey the lush scenery and the dwellings in Southern Asia, designer and sculptor Prospero Rasulo captured in the sun, filtering in light cones across vegetation, the architectural form describing his deal fusion of architecture and nature: the cone, which became the new “sign” of GESSI.

Cono embodies a new balance between minimalism and poetry. It blends organic and geometric styles as it stresses on a fusion between the serenity of oriental shapes, inspired by nature, and a western taste for streamlined designs.

Cono free standing washbasin with ceiling mounted tap

The extremely innovative concept of Cono infuses a special sense of relaxation and natural wellbeing into contemporary and classic interiors and enhances essential intimate moments of our life.

Our idea of wellness is not about inventing new stylistic solutions or concepts for interior design. It is rather about improving the quality of life in people’s private habitats, as well as in a wider space: The Planet.

This is why we focus on “ethical” design, using new technologies, zero impact production processes and nonpolluting materials. This aspiration led us to name our firm “The private wellness company”.

Cono free standing bathtub in CRISTALPLANT with free standing washbasin and table
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Cono wall mounted WC and bidet with wall mounted towel-rail soap dish.