CALIBE | Tailor made shower enclosure with special solutions

The construction of the shower always requires extra attention during the renovation of our home. Adapting to all existing possibilities is not a simple task: shower size, available spaces for the structure and door opening, drain installation option and finally but not least the design we love the best.

Most of the time to have a fit to place shower enclosure is possible only if working with tailor made collections. This kind of complex systems can ensure us to have a proper solution to meet all requirements.

Calibe with its experience of many years on the market clearly understand the client needs, and with its unique tailor made solution maximally can answer them.

High quality stainless steel and tempered glass materials are one of the strength of Calibe beside the up to date innovations and wide variety of precise made-to-measure elements.

The glass elements of the collections Bithia, Silis, Transparenza and Chia – even the fix panels and glass doors – can be absolutely made-to-measure so you can build shower enclosure in special spaces like sloping roofed rooms and attics.

Also special fixation solution are available. The fixed side walls or shutter door support upright can be positioned on an inkling wall.

Calibe is a powerful combination of the famous elegancy of Italian design, the up to date technology innovations and detailed quality.

leak free

International Leak free patent, which eliminates all contact points between the enclosure and the shower tray. The innovative Leak free system separates the enclosure from the tray, preventing bacterial load, mildew and limescale build up in parts that are usually difficult to clean. Also avoid use of silicone and guarantees total hygiene.

Tharros and Luna Inox can be cleaned in it all details to maximize the hygiene in the shower

Calibe Thisessi with two inwards-outwards door fir for tiny places

  • With inwards-outwards doors you can freely walk in the shower enclosure.
  • Doors upon request can be outwards – inwards version.
  • Shower can be also built with made-to-measure fix glass panels, or on-wall return fixed panel.


Arbatrax move | sliding door with electronic opening system

  • Electronic opening sliding door – just press the button.
  • 8mm tempered glass, also available in green, blue, grey, pink, and bronze.
  • Standard height 200cm (other heights are available up to 230cm).
  • Sophisticated and minimal look.
  • All system components are out-of-sight as they are situated inside the shower enclosure profile.
  • Only 12V mains connection is required.

Bithia collection

  • Magnetic locked doors close tight to the frame for leak-free closing.
  • Standard height 200cm (other heights are available up to 230cm).
  • Shower can be also built with made-to-measure fix glass panels, or on-wall return fixed panel.
  • Stainless steel structure with polished or brushed finishing .


Calibe endows the shower enclosure with colour, making it even more unique and personal. In addition to the transparent option, glass is also available in green, blue, grey, pink, and bronze. Extra-clear glass makes an impressive choice, for almost ethereal shower enclosures. Calibe proposes the different nuances in a number of variants, further broadening the effect range. Like matt glass, for creating an even cosier and atmospheric dimension, or mirroring glass, for brightening and amplifying the surrounding space.

Silis corner shower enclosure with bronze and blue colored glass

kerdojel-1How was the company named? The name CALIBE draws inspiration from the ancient calibi people, the precursors of the iron industry and steel processing, after whom, it seems, even „EXCALIBUR” king Arthur’s Legendary sword, was named.