Our present. The time, the place, the environment where we feel the most at home, because this is ours - this means contemporary. Contemporary art designers re-thinking, redesign solutions, shapes and functions. Interpreting objects to our new lifestyle. We are looking for the most fresh and innovative solutions from the masterpieces of the contemporary designers.

Clean, powerful lines and shapes, refined materials and function in a more human direction. To creat timeless modern solution means to creat modern that stay current and fresh for all ages.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


The design goes far beyond the simple materiality: dimensions, shapes, colors, functions, usability. With its additional meaning gives extra value to our environment, it also reflects and defines our quality of life. Design translate changes of society and life as well."Not the product but the man is the end in view. " - László Moholy-Nagy