Nextone is the collection by Lea Ceramiche with an engineered stone effect. The combination of four stones from different quarries contributed to the definition of all-new graphic designs, recreating a  tone which does not exist in nature, but that has a natural and highly balanced aesthetic.



  • 4 COLORS: next white | next gray | next taupe | next dark
  • 3 FINISHES: naturale rett | lappato rett | grip rett
  • 3 VARIATIONS: line rett | dot rett | mark rett
  • 20 mm PADLÓBURKOLAT: 60x120cm | 60x60cm
  • 10 mm FALBURKOLAT: 60x120cm | 60x60cm | 30x60cm



Nextone stands out for its four colour variations: neutral tones that go from pure White to luminous Gray, and from warm Taupe to elegant Dark, a mixture of grey and dark brown. The meticulous and impassioned study of colour begins with the examination of original tones and ends with the scrupulous fine tuning of the four variations




Line, Dot and Mark are the three background variations with a natural finish available in the series’ four colour tones, which graphically reproduce traditional stone processing and the look and feel of textiles. These are integrated with the colour tones of the background giving the illusion of texture while actually being perfectly easy to clean. They recreate subtle tactile effects which can be combined with the natural and honed finishes of the basic modules.

NEXTONE-greskollekcio (3)

Mark Next Gray 30×60 and Next Gray – Gramma 72 gres 
NEXTONE-greskollekcio (5)
Dot Next Gray 60×60 and Line Next Dark 30×60 
NEXTONE-greskollekcio (4)
Next Dark Lapp. 60×120 gres 
Dot Next Dark 60×60 stone looking
Next Taupe 60×120 
4 colors and  3 backgrounds
NEXTONE-greskollekcio (2)