Nanotechnology in the bathroom:FENIX NTM<sup>®</sup>

100% made in Italy


FENIX NTM is a super opaque interior design material providing state-of-the-art technological performance thanks to its surface characteristics. Discover all the properties of this intelligent material one by one.  NTM = Nano Tech Matt

With heat, a small scratch on furniture featuring FENIX NTM can be repaired. This is also a small nanotechnology miracle.

Interior design materials require a number of key characteristics: solidity, resistance to impacts, scratches, and corrosion as well as aesthetic and performance characteristics that make the surfaces attractive and sophisticated. On a nanometric scale, all these properties – mechanical resistance, conductivity, elasticity, hydro-repellence, optical properties, anti-reflective or anti-scratch – can be designed to create new types of materials. Zero fingerprints, zero scratches, zero stains. FENIX NTM resulted from this research.

IDEA-GROUP is in the firsts who use this innovative material in the bathroom furniture design.

Idea-group-sense-fürdőszobabútor-Fenix-NTM-felület-5  Idea-group-sense-fürdőszobabútor-Fenix-NTM-felület-6

Innovative material features:


Aesthetic design:

Idea-group-sense-fürdőszobabútor-Fenix-NTM-felület-4 Idea-group-sense-fürdőszobabútor-Fenix-NTM-felület-3 Idea-group-sense-fürdőszobabútor-Fenix-NTM-felület-2


Furniture coated with FENIX NTM is very hardy… and a long life means less waste, more efficient use of resources and greater global energy saving. In other terms more environmentally-friendly.

Disposal and recycling
FENIX NTM is not a dangerous product: it is made of paper and thermosetting resins.
At the end of its life cycle, it can be burned in authorised urban waste incinerators or used as energy recovery. Residual ash can be treated as solid urban waste (EAK Code 120105).
In the Arpa Industriale factory, FENIX NTM waste is used as fuel to generate part of the energy required for production