Green Lux – NEW Catalano ultra thick washbasins

Catalanos most popular collection the Green now expanded with a new sub-range called GREEN Lux, marked by thinner edges, soft shapes.

The new product is inspired by nature and created with perfectionism.

Green Lux features ultra slim edges – 5mm – yet strong design and natural smooth shapes. The top view of the basin is a testament to Catalano’s research and development and extraordinary manufacturing ability.


bout the collection in numbers:

  • 1 …number 1 for us!
  • 2 types lay-on, semi-fitted.;
  • 3 sizes: 65x40cm; 60x38cm; 40x40cm
  • 4 new elegant colors: Bianco Satinat; Grigio Satinato; Azzuro Satinato; Verde Satinato;
  • 5 mm ultra thick porcelain;


Unique pastel colors:

catalano lux szaniter bianco satinato színbencatalano lux szaniter grigio satinato színben catalano lux szaniter azzuro satinato színben catalano lux szaniter verde satinato színben