ECOMALTA – the ecologic concrete-effect surface

The newest innovative material for the bathroom

The innovation is one of the main features of any cutting-edge manufacture. Continuous researching for new production technologies, new materials make them to be in the mainstream. They not just follow, but they make the new trends.

One of the most stylish architectural trends is to use concrete-effect surfaces. In interior design is used not only for floor and wall decoration but it more and more popular for furniture and ceramic surfaces as well. 

Thanks to the continuous developments uniquie decorative concrete surface can be involved in house decoration, its name is ECOMALTA. The new material also has all the most important product features such as durability, easy to clean and water resistance.

Beton hatású íves mosdókagyló

The ECOMALTA is sophisticated solution for cement looks surface that has nice warm colors. Smoothly structured surface, plastic shades and 100% ecological!

Ecomalta uses non-toxic water-based paints, it does not develop harmful gas and is free of hydraulic binders, cement, lime, chalk and epoxy resins. Entirely recyclable.



  • Strength and durability
  • Hygienic surface
  • Resistant to dirt and stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof, so suitable for ceramic surface

artceram cementhatású szögletes mosdókagyló

The ARTCERAM is an ever-evolving trademark: original products, fresh and ambitious, united by the spirit of innovation and developed by young designers with that particular “the”. Numerous products of their range already won design award.

The new ECOMALTA surface is available for the geometric SCALINO and curved COGNAC washabasins

The warm feldspars colors, ochers and browns, give the ceramic surface a charming look. 


The New COGNAC washbasin colors:

  • nero germania
  • ambra cipro naturale
  • ambra bruciata
  • nero roma

The New SCALINO washbasin colors:

  • arabica
  • mate
  • cohiba
  • cream